Gag Concert

Gag Concert (1999)


Gag Concert is a South Korean sketch-comedy television show more commonly known as Gag Con. It began airing on September 4, 1999, and aired its last episode on June 26, 2020, making it South Korea's longest-running comedy show. (Source: Wikipedia)

Status: Ongoing
Lee Jae Seong
Lee Jae Seong (1987)
Lee Seung Ri (Nancy - Momoland)
Lee Seung Ri (Nancy - Momoland) (2000)
Kim Na Hee
Kim Na Hee (1988)
Lee Soo Ji
Lee Soo Ji (1985)
Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong Kook (1976)
Choi Shi Won
Choi Shi Won (1986)
Kim Jong Hyeon
Kim Jong Hyeon (1990)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee) (1988)
Ahn Sang Tae
Ahn Sang Tae (1978)
Yoo Jae Seok
Yoo Jae Seok (1972)
Park Seong Kwang
Park Seong Kwang (1981)
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo (1981)
Niel Ahn (Teen Top)
Niel Ahn (Teen Top) (1994)
Lee Sang Ho
Lee Sang Ho (1981)
Lee Sang Min
Lee Sang Min (1981)
Phillip Choi
Phillip Choi (1979)
Jeong Eun Ji
Jeong Eun Ji (1993)
Lee Joo Won (JooE - Momoland)
Lee Joo Won (JooE - Momoland) (1999)
Jeong Ye Rin (Yerin - G-Friend)
Jeong Ye Rin (Yerin - G-Friend) (1996)
Kim Yeong Hee
Kim Yeong Hee (1983)
Seo Hye Rin (EXID)
Seo Hye Rin (EXID) (1993)
Yoo In Seok
Yoo In Seok (1984)
Seo Nam Yong
Seo Nam Yong (1979)
Kang Min Kyeong
Kang Min Kyeong (1990)
Kim Sang Joong
Kim Sang Joong (1965)
Jo Jin Se
Jo Jin Se (1990)
Ahn Hyo Jin (LE - EXID)
Ahn Hyo Jin (LE - EXID) (1991)
Kim Woo Ri
Kim Woo Ri (1973)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew) (1989)
Park Joon Hyeong
Park Joon Hyeong (1975)
Park Ji Seon
Park Ji Seon (1984)
Kim Joon Ho
Kim Joon Ho (1975)
Ok Taecyeon
Ok Taecyeon (1988)
Song Yeong Kil
Song Yeong Kil (1984)
Minatozaki Sana (Twice)
Minatozaki Sana (Twice) (1996)
Kang Yoo Chan (Chan - A.C.E)
Kang Yoo Chan (Chan - A.C.E) (1997)
Ryoo Dam
Ryoo Dam (1979)
Han Sang Jin
Han Sang Jin (1977)
Choi Min Ho (Minho)
Choi Min Ho (Minho) (1991)
Ye Ji Won
Ye Ji Won (1973)
Park Ji Hyo (Twice)
Park Ji Hyo (Twice) (1997)
Lee Soo Geun
Lee Soo Geun (1975)
Jo Yeo Jeong
Jo Yeo Jeong (1981)
Kim Dong Joon
Kim Dong Joon (1992)
Yoon Han Min
Yoon Han Min (1988)
Lee Seung Yoon
Lee Seung Yoon (1977)
Joey Albright
Joey Albright (1988)
Heo Kyeong Hwan
Heo Kyeong Hwan (1981)
Kang So Ra
Kang So Ra (1990)
Yang Seon Il
Yang Seon Il (1979)
Jeon Yoo Seong
Jeon Yoo Seong (1949)
Kim Soo Yeong
Kim Soo Yeong (1987)
Oh Kwang Seok (Feeldog)
Oh Kwang Seok (Feeldog) (1992)
Yoo Chang Hyeon (Ricky - Teen Top)
Yoo Chang Hyeon (Ricky - Teen Top) (1995)
Im Seong Wook
Im Seong Wook (1992)
Kang Boo Ja
Kang Boo Ja (1941)
Im Jong Hyeok
Im Jong Hyeok (1978)
Ahn So Mi
Ahn So Mi (1990)
Samuel Kim Arredondo
Samuel Kim Arredondo (2002)
Lee Joon Yeong (Jun)
Lee Joon Yeong (Jun) (1997)
Kim Ki Joong
Kim Ki Joong (2001)
Lee Dae Hwi (Boy Group AB6IX)
Lee Dae Hwi (Boy Group AB6IX) (2001)
Yoon Hyeong Bin
Yoon Hyeong Bin (1980)
Kim Seol Hyeon
Kim Seol Hyeon (1995)
Kim Won Hoon
Kim Won Hoon (1989)
Kim Tae Won
Kim Tae Won (1983)
Park Hwi Soon
Park Hwi Soon (1977)
Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo (1985)
Ahn Il Kwon
Ahn Il Kwon (1979)
Kim Won Hyo
Kim Won Hyo (1981)
Lee Tae Min
Lee Tae Min (1993)
Jeong Cheol Kyoo (Blanca)
Jeong Cheol Kyoo (Blanca) (1980)
Jang Dong Min
Jang Dong Min (1979)
Seo Tae Hoon
Seo Tae Hoon (1987)
Park So Yeong
Park So Yeong (1987)
Kim Byeong Man
Kim Byeong Man (1975)
Yoo Sang Moo
Yoo Sang Moo (1980)
Zhou Tzu Yu (Tzuyu - Twice)
Zhou Tzu Yu (Tzuyu - Twice) (1999)
Jeong Yong Hwa
Jeong Yong Hwa (1989)
Kim Yeong Cheol
Kim Yeong Cheol (1974)
Kim Dae Hee
Kim Dae Hee (1974)
Kang Min Hyeok
Kang Min Hyeok (1991)
Jang Do Yeon
Jang Do Yeon (1985)
Jeong Tae Ho
Jeong Tae Ho (1978)
Park Seong Ho
Park Seong Ho (1973)
Jeong Hyeong Don
Jeong Hyeong Don (1978)
Shin Bo Ra
Shin Bo Ra (1987)
Song Byeong Cheol
Song Byeong Cheol (1981)
Ha Seong Woon
Ha Seong Woon (1994)
Myoui Mina (Twice)
Myoui Mina (Twice) (1997)
Kim Tae Hee
Kim Tae Hee (1980)
Noh Sa Yeon
Noh Sa Yeon (1957)
Lee Sang Hoon
Lee Sang Hoon (1982)
Jeon So Mi
Jeon So Mi (2001)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID) (1992)
Lee Hyeong Keun (Marco)
Lee Hyeong Keun (Marco) (1993)
Lee Ji Eun (IU)
Lee Ji Eun (IU) (1993)
Kang Yoo Mi
Kang Yoo Mi (1983)
Oh Na Mi
Oh Na Mi (1984)
Kim Da Hyeon
Kim Da Hyeon (1998)
Im Yoon Ah
Im Yoon Ah (1990)
Jeong Eun Bi (Eunha - GFriend)
Jeong Eun Bi (Eunha - GFriend) (1997)
Park Jin Ho
Park Jin Ho (1989)
Jang Woo Hyeok
Jang Woo Hyeok (1978)
Park Jeong Hwa (EXID)
Park Jeong Hwa (EXID) (1995)
Park Shin Yang
Park Shin Yang (1968)
Yoo Jeong Yeon (Twice)
Yoo Jeong Yeon (Twice) (1996)
Kim Hye Seon
Kim Hye Seon (1983)
Song Pil Keun
Song Pil Keun (1991)
Kim Joon Hyeon
Kim Joon Hyeon (1980)
Chang Jo (Teen Top)
Chang Jo (Teen Top) (1995)
Eric Nam
Eric Nam (1988)
Kim So Yeon
Kim So Yeon (1980)
DinDin (1991)
Shin Ki Roo
Shin Ki Roo (1981)
Kim Ki Ri
Kim Ki Ri (1985)
Ji Hyeon Woo
Ji Hyeon Woo (1984)
Song Kyeong Ah
Song Kyeong Ah (1980)
Lee Hye Jeong
Lee Hye Jeong (1956)
Kim Ji Min
Kim Ji Min (1984)
Ahn Yeong Mi
Ahn Yeong Mi (1983)
Park Wan Kyoo
Park Wan Kyoo (1973)
Hirai Momo
Hirai Momo (1996)
Yang Sang Kook
Yang Sang Kook (1983)
Jang Dong Hyeok
Jang Dong Hyeok (1979)
Jeong Jae Hyeong
Jeong Jae Hyeong (1988)
Park Eun Yeong
Park Eun Yeong (1984)
Park Na Rae
Park Na Rae (1985)
Na Dong Hyeon (Great Library / BuzzBean)
Na Dong Hyeon (Great Library / BuzzBean) (1978)
Shin Bong Seon
Shin Bong Seon (1980)
Yoo Min Sang
Yoo Min Sang (1979)
Kim Min Kyeong (Sep 1981)
Kim Min Kyeong (Sep 1981) (1981)
Lee Jeong Shin (CNBLUE)
Lee Jeong Shin (CNBLUE) (1991)
Yoon Sang Hyeon
Yoon Sang Hyeon (1973)
Im Na Yeon (Nayeon - Twice)
Im Na Yeon (Nayeon - Twice) (1995)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee) (1991)
Jeong Myeong Hoon
Jeong Myeong Hoon (1979)
Yoon Shi Yoon
Yoon Shi Yoon (1986)
Sol Bi
Sol Bi (1984)
Lee Hyeon Jeong
Lee Hyeon Jeong (1987)
Im Jae Baek
Im Jae Baek (1988)
Jeong Seung Hwan
Jeong Seung Hwan (1982)

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