Blossoms in Adversity

Blossoms in Adversity (2024)


The eldest daughter of a prestigious family, Hua Zhi, concealed her talents for fifteen years. But when the Hua family was on the verge of collapse, she had no choice but to reveal her true abilities and step forward to support her crumbling household. She prepared herself mentally for the possibility of her family clan turning against her and was ready to live lonely her whole life. Frequently making appearances and taking bold actions, she even went as far as carrying a coffin on her back with her siblings to force her "enemies" into a corner, gaining a reputation for being someone not to be trifled with in the capital city. One day, a man wearing armor before heading off to war asked her for a lifetime of commitment. After meeting and falling in love with her lover, Hua Zhi transformed into a heroine in the business world, akin to the legendary Mulan, and embarked on a story of growth alongside him. (Source: Cpophome) Adapted from the web novel "Xi Hua Zhi" (惜花芷) by Kong Liu (空留).

Status: Ongoing
Shen Bao Ping
Shen Bao Ping (1957)
Wei Wei
Wei Wei (1983)
Lin Jing
Lin Jing (1990)
Bian Cheng
Bian Cheng (2004)
Harrison Ho
Harrison Ho (1988)
Hu Yi Tian
Hu Yi Tian (1993)
Zoe Chen
Zoe Chen (1987)
Hu Chun Yang
Hu Chun Yang (1999)
Eddy Ko
Eddy Ko (1937)
Wang Qiao Xi
Wang Qiao Xi (1990)
Zhong Xiao Qi
Zhong Xiao Qi (1990)
Yin Yue
Yin Yue (2000)
Oscar He
Oscar He (2010)
Liu Wen Gang (Xiao Bing)
Liu Wen Gang (Xiao Bing) (1968)
Huang Si Rui
Huang Si Rui (2000)
Zhang Tian Ai
Zhang Tian Ai (1999)
Zhang Jing Yi
Zhang Jing Yi (1999)
Lu Xing Yu
Lu Xing Yu (1973)
Li Long
Li Long (1984)
Zhang Zi Han
Zhang Zi Han (2011)
Real Hai
Real Hai (1971)
Tian Miao
Tian Miao (1974)
Lu Qi
Lu Qi (1998)
Zhao Shi Han
Zhao Shi Han (2017)
Emily Wang
Emily Wang (1999)
Ohana Chen
Ohana Chen (2002)
Cola Yao
Cola Yao (1998)
Fu Bo Han
Fu Bo Han (2012)
Hou Wei Tao
Hou Wei Tao (1995)
Lu Yan Bei
Lu Yan Bei (1992)
Jiang Kai
Jiang Kai (1970)
Cora Zhang
Cora Zhang (1997)
Marmalade Zhang
Marmalade Zhang (1995)
Zhang Yi
Zhang Yi (1994)
Yu Yang Zi
Yu Yang Zi (2001)
Myolie Wu
Myolie Wu (1979)
Fang Chu Tong
Fang Chu Tong (1993)
Liu Jia
Liu Jia (1960)
Caesar Wu
Caesar Wu (1996)
Nicholas Wang
Nicholas Wang (1983)
Wang Li Yun
Wang Li Yun (1955)
Yang Ming Na
Yang Ming Na (1976)
Lu Yu Xiao
Lu Yu Xiao (1999)
Wang Zi
Wang Zi (2007)

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