Burning Flames

Burning Flames (2024)


Wu Geng, the human prince who has fallen from grace, undergoes the trials of losing his family and becoming a slave in the lowest depths of a mining camp. Despite these hardships, he inherits the will of the former king; he carries a deep-seated hatred for the destruction of his country and people. To improve himself, Wu Geng follows his grandfather and life mentor, Fu Xi, to the hidden village of Shen Yin for training. Overcoming various difficulties and challenges with an indomitable spirit, he embarks on a path of revenge and the pursuit of freedom. Ultimately, he forms a powerful anti-heaven army and goes to the Boundless Domain, putting an end to the long-standing struggle against slavery. (Source: iQIYI) Adapted from the manhua "Wu Geng Ji" (武庚纪) by Zheng Jian He (郑健和) and Deng Zhi Hui (邓志辉).

Status: Completed
Allen Ren
Allen Ren (1989)
Bambi Zhu
Bambi Zhu (1992)
Gu Zi Cheng
Gu Zi Cheng (2001)
Will Song
Will Song (1991)
Joe Chen
Joe Chen (1979)
Max Jin
Max Jin (1991)
Ocean Wang
Ocean Wang (1982)
Zhao Xun
Zhao Xun (1984)
Dylan Ding
Dylan Ding (1990)
Ma Su
Ma Su (1981)
Ming Dao
Ming Dao (1980)
Ren Yan Kai
Ren Yan Kai (1984)
Huang Can Can
Huang Can Can (1995)
Wang Wei
Wang Wei (1980)
Zhang Xu Zhen
Zhang Xu Zhen (1999)
Ashin Shu
Ashin Shu (1990)
Kevin Yan
Kevin Yan (1979)
Yalkun Merxat
Yalkun Merxat (1991)
Roy Wang
Roy Wang (1990)
Wang Ge
Wang Ge (1989)
Du Yu Ming
Du Yu Ming (1958)
David Zhang
David Zhang (1969)
Cao Xi Ge
Cao Xi Ge (1993)
Zhu Zheng Ting (Theo - NEX7)
Zhu Zheng Ting (Theo - NEX7) (1996)
Zhang Yong Gang
Zhang Yong Gang (1971)
Liu Xiang Jing
Liu Xiang Jing (1974)
Judy Qi
Judy Qi (1995)
Russel Tang
Russel Tang (1978)
Jeremy Tsui
Jeremy Tsui (1985)
Rulu Jiang
Rulu Jiang (1983)
Han Dong
Han Dong (1980)
Guo Xiao Tian
Guo Xiao Tian (2001)
Xu Zhang Chao
Xu Zhang Chao (1995)
Fair Xing
Fair Xing (1994)
Sun Zi Hang
Sun Zi Hang (1993)
Liu Xie Ning (Sally - Gugudan)
Liu Xie Ning (Sally - Gugudan) (1996)
Zhu Yong Teng
Zhu Yong Teng (1976)
Long Zheng Xuan
Long Zheng Xuan (1993)
Hunter Pang
Hunter Pang (1990)
Arale Cui
Arale Cui (2012)
Peter Ho
Peter Ho (1975)
Sun Zi Jun
Sun Zi Jun (1991)
Mark Du
Mark Du (1978)
Zheng Fan Xing
Zheng Fan Xing (1998)
Yumiko Cheng
Yumiko Cheng (1981)
Lu Jin Hao
Lu Jin Hao (2011)

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