Let's Eat Dinner Together

Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016)


The program is like a documentary series about the dinner search's journey of two men, Lee Kyung Kyu and Kang Ho Dong, who have been called "National MCs" of many South Korean entertainment programs. For each episode, they must execute the same mission: "With a spoon on hand, go to a prescribed place by the common transport (or walking) and request to have dinner with a normal family".

Status: Ongoing
Kim Hae Sol (Zion.T)
Kim Hae Sol (Zion.T) (1989)
Lee Shi Yeong
Lee Shi Yeong (1982)
Im Soo Hyang
Im Soo Hyang (1990)
Park Jae Beom
Park Jae Beom (1987)
Seong Dong Il
Seong Dong Il (1964)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk) (1986)
Park Ji Yeon (Gummy)
Park Ji Yeon (Gummy) (1981)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee) (1988)
So Yoo Jin
So Yoo Jin (1981)
Park Seong Kwang
Park Seong Kwang (1981)
Eom Jeong Hwa
Eom Jeong Hwa (1969)
Yang Se Hyeong
Yang Se Hyeong (1985)
Jeong Eun Ji
Jeong Eun Ji (1993)
Ha Dong Hoon
Ha Dong Hoon (1979)
Hwang Kwang Hee
Hwang Kwang Hee (1988)
Kim Se Jeong (Gugudan / I.O.I)
Kim Se Jeong (Gugudan / I.O.I) (1996)
Hong Jin Yeong
Hong Jin Yeong (1985)
Jang Da Hye (Heize)
Jang Da Hye (Heize) (1991)
Kang Daniel
Kang Daniel (1996)
Kim Poong
Kim Poong (1978)
Seung Ri (Big Bang)
Seung Ri (Big Bang) (1990)
Jessica Hyun Ju Ho
Jessica Hyun Ju Ho (1988)
Lee Se Yeong
Lee Se Yeong (1992)
Lee Hye Yeong
Lee Hye Yeong (1971)
Hong Jin Kyeong
Hong Jin Kyeong (1977)
Ahn Nae Sang
Ahn Nae Sang (1964)
Ok Taecyeon
Ok Taecyeon (1988)
Lee Hwi Jae
Lee Hwi Jae (1972)
Hwang Chi Yeul
Hwang Chi Yeul (1982)
Kim Hae Sook
Kim Hae Sook (1955)
Kim Hyeong Soo (K. Will)
Kim Hyeong Soo (K. Will) (1981)
Kim Seok Jin (Jin - BTS)
Kim Seok Jin (Jin - BTS) (1992)
Lee Seung Cheol
Lee Seung Cheol (1966)
Kwon Yoo Ri (SNSD)
Kwon Yoo Ri (SNSD) (1989)
Choi Min Ho (Minho)
Choi Min Ho (Minho) (1991)
Lee Soo Geun
Lee Soo Geun (1975)
Choi Soo Yeong
Choi Soo Yeong (1990)
Kang Seul Ki (Seulgi - Red Velvet)
Kang Seul Ki (Seulgi - Red Velvet) (1994)
Son Na Eun (Apink)
Son Na Eun (Apink) (1994)
Go Ah Ra
Go Ah Ra (1990)
Park Bo Yeong
Park Bo Yeong (1990)
Kang Ji Hyeon (Soyou - Sistar)
Kang Ji Hyeon (Soyou - Sistar) (1992)
Park Ki Woong
Park Ki Woong (1985)
Shim Chang Min
Shim Chang Min (1988)
Kim Yong Seon (Solar - Mamamoo)
Kim Yong Seon (Solar - Mamamoo) (1991)
Song Seung Wan (Wendy - Red Velvet)
Song Seung Wan (Wendy - Red Velvet) (1994)
Kim Seung Woo
Kim Seung Woo (1969)
Park Jeong Ah
Park Jeong Ah (1981)
Lee Jeok
Lee Jeok (1974)
Yoon Do Hyeon
Yoon Do Hyeon (1972)
U Know Yunho
U Know Yunho (1986)
Yoon Jeong Soo
Yoon Jeong Soo (1972)
Han Hye Yeon
Han Hye Yeon (1972)
Kim Hee Won
Kim Hee Won (1971)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin) (1991)
Jeong Jae Hyeong
Jeong Jae Hyeong (1970)
Kim Yoon Seong (Gaeko)
Kim Yoon Seong (Gaeko) (1981)
Lee Moon Sae
Lee Moon Sae (1959)
Hwan Hee
Hwan Hee (1982)
Hyeon Woo
Hyeon Woo (1985)
Jeong Ryeo Won
Jeong Ryeo Won (1981)
Lee Joon Ho
Lee Joon Ho (1990)
Ahn Jeong Hwan
Ahn Jeong Hwan (1976)
Goo Ha Ra
Goo Ha Ra (1991)
Kim Seol Hyeon
Kim Seol Hyeon (1995)
Shim Seok Hee
Shim Seok Hee (1997)
Lee Yeon Hee
Lee Yeon Hee (1988)
Lee Teuk
Lee Teuk (1983)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior) (1983)
Lee Yeon Bok
Lee Yeon Bok (1959)
Lee Cheol Min
Lee Cheol Min (1970)
Park Hyeok Kwon
Park Hyeok Kwon (1971)
Seo Min Jeong
Seo Min Jeong (1979)
Cheng Xiao (WJSN)
Cheng Xiao (WJSN) (1998)
Jang Soo Won
Jang Soo Won (1980)
Jang Dong Min
Jang Dong Min (1979)
Ahn Hye Jin (Hwasa - Mamamoo)
Ahn Hye Jin (Hwasa - Mamamoo) (1995)
Tak Jae Hoon
Tak Jae Hoon (1968)
Shin Seong Woo
Shin Seong Woo (1968)
Yeom Jeong Ah
Yeom Jeong Ah (1972)
Choo Seong Hoon
Choo Seong Hoon (1975)
Kim Byeong Man
Kim Byeong Man (1975)
Roy Kim
Roy Kim (1993)
Kim Sae Ron
Kim Sae Ron (2000)
Park Kyeong Ri (Nine Muses)
Park Kyeong Ri (Nine Muses) (1990)
Choi Hyeon Seok
Choi Hyeon Seok (1972)
Yang Dong Keun
Yang Dong Keun (1979)
Kang Ho Dong
Kang Ho Dong (1970)
Han Seok Joon
Han Seok Joon (1975)
Jeong Yong Hwa
Jeong Yong Hwa (1989)
Kim Yeong Cheol
Kim Yeong Cheol (1974)
Ji Jin Hee
Ji Jin Hee (1971)
Lee Sang Min
Lee Sang Min (1973)
Nichkhun (1988)
Kim Bo Seong
Kim Bo Seong (1966)
Seo Hyeon
Seo Hyeon (1991)
Seo Jang Hoon
Seo Jang Hoon (1974)
Song Yoon Ah
Song Yoon Ah (1973)
Tony Ahn
Tony Ahn (1978)
Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies / Clover)
Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies / Clover) (1978)
Hyeri (1994)
Jang Do Yeon
Jang Do Yeon (1985)
Kim Yoon Ah
Kim Yoon Ah (1974)
Lee Soo Kyeong
Lee Soo Kyeong (1982)
Jeong Hyeong Don
Jeong Hyeong Don (1978)
Choi Jae Ho (Choiza)
Choi Jae Ho (Choiza) (1980)
Kim Rae Won
Kim Rae Won (1981)
Bae Jeong Nam
Bae Jeong Nam (1983)
Lee Seon Kyoon
Lee Seon Kyoon (1975)
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Hong Ki (1990)
Lee Tae Ran
Lee Tae Ran (1975)
Cha Tae Hyeon
Cha Tae Hyeon (1976)
Jin Ji Hee
Jin Ji Hee (1999)
Jackson Wang
Jackson Wang (1994)
Bae Joo Hyeon (Irene)
Bae Joo Hyeon (Irene) (1991)
Noh Sa Yeon
Noh Sa Yeon (1957)
Seong Yoo Ri (Fin.K.L)
Seong Yoo Ri (Fin.K.L) (1981)
Park Kyeong Lim
Park Kyeong Lim (1979)
Song Min Ho
Song Min Ho (1993)
Cha Eun Woo (Astro)
Cha Eun Woo (Astro) (1997)
Simon D
Simon D (1984)
Park Hae Jin
Park Hae Jin (1983)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID) (1992)
Kim Nam Joo
Kim Nam Joo (1971)
Lee Hyo Ri
Lee Hyo Ri (1979)
Lee Min Ho (Boom)
Lee Min Ho (Boom) (1982)
Moon Se Yoon
Moon Se Yoon (1982)
Bang Min Ah (Mina - Girl's Day)
Bang Min Ah (Mina - Girl's Day) (1993)
Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny)
Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny) (1989)
Han Hyeon Min
Han Hyeon Min (2001)
Yook Seong Jae
Yook Seong Jae (1995)
Kim Joon Myeon (Suho)
Kim Joon Myeon (Suho) (1991)
Kim Da Hyeon
Kim Da Hyeon (1998)
Park Ji Hoon
Park Ji Hoon (1999)
Shin Hyo Seob (Crush)
Shin Hyo Seob (Crush) (1992)
Im Yoon Ah
Im Yoon Ah (1990)
Yoo Byeong Jae
Yoo Byeong Jae (1988)
Kim Yong Geon
Kim Yong Geon (1946)
Lee Deok Hwa
Lee Deok Hwa (1952)
Jang Woo Hyeok
Jang Woo Hyeok (1978)
Lee Sang Yeob
Lee Sang Yeob (1983)
Kim Ji Hoon
Kim Ji Hoon (1981)
Jang Hee Jin
Jang Hee Jin (1983)
Yoo Jeong Yeon (Twice)
Yoo Jeong Yeon (Twice) (1996)
Sandara Park
Sandara Park (1984)
Kim Joon Hyeon
Kim Joon Hyeon (1980)
Kim Dong Hyeon
Kim Dong Hyeon (1981)
Eric Nam
Eric Nam (1988)
Microdot (1993)
Park Chan Yeol (Chanyeol)
Park Chan Yeol (Chanyeol) (1992)
Ji Hyeon Woo
Ji Hyeon Woo (1984)
Kim Yong Man
Kim Yong Man (1967)
Im Chang Jeong
Im Chang Jeong (1973)
Yeon Jeong Hoon
Yeon Jeong Hoon (1978)
Kim Yoon Jin
Kim Yoon Jin (1973)
Jeon Hyeon Moo
Jeon Hyeon Moo (1977)
Jang Yoon Joo
Jang Yoon Joo (1980)
Jeong Joon Ho
Jeong Joon Ho (1969)
Song Il Gook
Song Il Gook (1971)
Kim Seon Ah
Kim Seon Ah (1973)
Kim Seong Joo
Kim Seong Joo (1972)
Kang Ta
Kang Ta (1979)
Henry Lau
Henry Lau (1989)
Lee Dong Hae
Lee Dong Hae (1986)
Kim Ah Joong
Kim Ah Joong (1982)
Yoo Soo Yeong (Shoo - S.E.S.)
Yoo Soo Yeong (Shoo - S.E.S.) (1981)
Park Na Rae
Park Na Rae (1985)
Han Hye Jin
Han Hye Jin (1981)
Shin Hyeon Joon
Shin Hyeon Joon (1968)
Kim Yoo Bin
Kim Yoo Bin (1988)
Park Joo Mi
Park Joo Mi (1972)
Min Kyeong Hoon
Min Kyeong Hoon (1984)
Yoo Min Sang
Yoo Min Sang (1979)
Jeon Jeong Kook (JK - BTS)
Jeon Jeong Kook (JK - BTS) (1997)
Han Eun Jeong
Han Eun Jeong (1980)
Yoo Se Yoon
Yoo Se Yoon (1980)
Han Chae Yeong
Han Chae Yeong (1980)
John Park
John Park (1988)
Lee Kyeong Kyoo
Lee Kyeong Kyoo (1960)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee) (1991)
Kim Jong Min
Kim Jong Min (1979)
Son Dam Bi
Son Dam Bi (1983)
Kim Jin Woo (WINNER)
Kim Jin Woo (WINNER) (1991)
Shin Dong Hee
Shin Dong Hee (1985)
Kim Soo Mi
Kim Soo Mi (1949)
Park Soo Yeong (Joy - Red Velvet)
Park Soo Yeong (Joy - Red Velvet) (1996)
Jeong Sang Hoon
Jeong Sang Hoon (1976)
Chae Jeong Ahn
Chae Jeong Ahn (1977)
Choi Min Jeong
Choi Min Jeong (1998)

Revenge of Others trailer:

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 164

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 163

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 162

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 161

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 160

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 159

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 158

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 157

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 156

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 155

SUB Let's Eat Dinner Together (2016) Episode 154

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