Radio Star

Radio Star (2007)


On this hilarious talk show, four DJs ask their celebrity guests those sensitive questions that everyone wants to know the answer to.

Status: Ongoing
Noh Yeong Hak
Noh Yeong Hak (1993)
Lee Kwang Ki
Lee Kwang Ki (1969)
Choi Song Hyeon
Choi Song Hyeon (1982)
Kang Julien
Kang Julien (1982)
Kim Tae Won
Kim Tae Won (1965)
Lee Soo Yeong
Lee Soo Yeong (1979)
Jo Mi Ryeong
Jo Mi Ryeong (1973)
Seong Shi Kyeong
Seong Shi Kyeong (1979)
Jeong Soo Yeon
Jeong Soo Yeon (1989)
Park Nam Jeong
Park Nam Jeong (1966)
Jo Yeong Nam
Jo Yeong Nam (1945)
Woo Ji Won
Woo Ji Won (1973)
Ryoo Hyo Yeong
Ryoo Hyo Yeong (1993)
Kim Jong Kook
Kim Jong Kook (1976)
Park Jae Beom
Park Jae Beom (1987)
Nam Kyoo Ri
Nam Kyoo Ri (1985)
Kang Dae Seong (Big Bang)
Kang Dae Seong (Big Bang) (1989)
Jeong Seong Ho
Jeong Seong Ho (1974)
Kim Seong Kyu (INFINITE)
Kim Seong Kyu (INFINITE) (1989)
Ko Yoon Ha (Younha)
Ko Yoon Ha (Younha) (1988)
Park Jeong Min
Park Jeong Min (1987)
Jang Woo Yeong
Jang Woo Yeong (1989)
Kim Heung Kook
Kim Heung Kook (1959)
Kim Ho Kyeong (Tei)
Kim Ho Kyeong (Tei) (1983)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk) (1986)
Lee Jae Won (J-WANT - H.O.T / jtL)
Lee Jae Won (J-WANT - H.O.T / jtL) (1980)
Cheon Myeong Hoon
Cheon Myeong Hoon (1978)
Heo Chan Mi
Heo Chan Mi (1992)
Kim Kap Soo
Kim Kap Soo (1957)
Moon Ji Ae
Moon Ji Ae (1983)
Choi Shi Won
Choi Shi Won (1986)
Jeong Ho Bin
Jeong Ho Bin (1969)
Park Ji Yeon (Gummy)
Park Ji Yeon (Gummy) (1981)
Jay Kim
Jay Kim (1983)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee) (1988)
Tiffany (1989)
Ryoo Seung Soo
Ryoo Seung Soo (1971)
Min Seon Ye (SUNYE - Wonder Girls)
Min Seon Ye (SUNYE - Wonder Girls) (1989)
Park Seon Yeong (Luna)
Park Seon Yeong (Luna) (1993)
Kim Jang Hoon
Kim Jang Hoon (1963)
Kim Ji Hyeon
Kim Ji Hyeon (1972)
Hwangbo Hye Jeong
Hwangbo Hye Jeong (1980)
Kwon Ri Se (RiSe - LADIES' CODE)
Kwon Ri Se (RiSe - LADIES' CODE) (1991)
Yang Se Hyeong
Yang Se Hyeong (1985)
Park Seul Gi
Park Seul Gi (1986)
Jeon Jin
Jeon Jin (1980)
Kim Jeong Ah
Kim Jeong Ah (1983)
Ha Dong Hoon
Ha Dong Hoon (1979)
Kim Jeong Min
Kim Jeong Min (1968)
Lee Seong Jae
Lee Seong Jae (1970)
Kim Hak Rae
Kim Hak Rae (1954)
Hwang Kwang Hee
Hwang Kwang Hee (1988)
Kim Hyeon Cheol
Kim Hyeon Cheol (1970)
Park Myeong Soo
Park Myeong Soo (1970)
Kim Min Hee
Kim Min Hee (1972)
Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon (1989)
Kim Hyeong Joon
Kim Hyeong Joon (1987)
Heo Yeong Ji
Heo Yeong Ji (1994)
Jeong Kyeong Ho
Jeong Kyeong Ho (1983)
Lee Bong Won
Lee Bong Won (1963)
Shin So Yool
Shin So Yool (1985)
Kim Jae Deok
Kim Jae Deok (1979)
Lee Jeong Yong
Lee Jeong Yong (1969)
Jo Se Ho
Jo Se Ho (1982)
Hong Jin Yeong
Hong Jin Yeong (1985)
Bang Eun Hee
Bang Eun Hee (1967)
Im Shi Wan
Im Shi Wan (1988)
Jeong Man Shik
Jeong Man Shik (1974)
JK Kim Dong Wook
JK Kim Dong Wook (1975)
Dok Go Young Jae
Dok Go Young Jae (1953)
Yoo Yeong Seok
Yoo Yeong Seok (1965)
Lee Kyu Ri (T-ara)
Lee Kyu Ri (T-ara) (1986)
Ham Eun Jeong (T-ara)
Ham Eun Jeong (T-ara) (1988)
Park Jin Yeong
Park Jin Yeong (1971)
Kim Jeong Tae
Kim Jeong Tae (1972)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew) (1989)
Cho Joon Ho
Cho Joon Ho (1988)
Kim Jong Jin
Kim Jong Jin (1962)
Verbal Jint
Verbal Jint (1980)
Yong Joon Hyeong (HIGHLIGHT)
Yong Joon Hyeong (HIGHLIGHT) (1989)
Robert Holley (Ha Il)
Robert Holley (Ha Il) (1962)
Ahn Jeong Hoon
Ahn Jeong Hoon (1969)
Kim Shin Yeong
Kim Shin Yeong (1983)
Lee Se Yeong
Lee Se Yeong (1992)
Yoon Jeong Hee
Yoon Jeong Hee (1980)
Park Joon Hyeong
Park Joon Hyeong (1975)
Danny Ahn
Danny Ahn (1978)
Cha Hyeon Ok (Yuri)
Cha Hyeon Ok (Yuri) (1976)
Ahn Nae Sang
Ahn Nae Sang (1964)
Kim Joon Ho
Kim Joon Ho (1975)
Park Ga Hee
Park Ga Hee (1980)
Ji Sang Ryeol
Ji Sang Ryeol (1970)
Kim Chang Ryeol
Kim Chang Ryeol (1973)
Jo Jeong Seok
Jo Jeong Seok (1980)
Lee Chang Myeong
Lee Chang Myeong (1969)
Choi Seung Kyeong
Choi Seung Kyeong (1971)
Ok Taecyeon
Ok Taecyeon (1988)
Park Hyo Jin (Narsha)
Park Hyo Jin (Narsha) (1981)
Kim Hae Sook
Kim Hae Sook (1955)
Kim Hyeong Soo (K. Will)
Kim Hyeong Soo (K. Will) (1981)
Yoon Bora
Yoon Bora (1989)
Jeong Seok Yong
Jeong Seok Yong (1970)
Park Jae Sang (PSY)
Park Jae Sang (PSY) (1977)
Lee Seung Cheol
Lee Seung Cheol (1966)
Kwon Yoo Ri (SNSD)
Kwon Yoo Ri (SNSD) (1989)
Ryoo Dam
Ryoo Dam (1979)
Hong Seo Beom
Hong Seo Beom (1958)
Choi Jeong In (G.Fla)
Choi Jeong In (G.Fla) (1980)
Kim Kwang Kyoo
Kim Kwang Kyoo (1967)
Lee Seong Woo
Lee Seong Woo (1976)
Han Sang Jin
Han Sang Jin (1977)
Kim Jong Wook
Kim Jong Wook (1982)
Ji Seok Jin
Ji Seok Jin (1966)
Lee Kyeong Shil
Lee Kyeong Shil (1966)
Lee Soo Geun
Lee Soo Geun (1975)
Choi Soo Yeong
Choi Soo Yeong (1990)
Hwang Chan Seong (Chansung)
Hwang Chan Seong (Chansung) (1990)
Kim Ae Kyeong
Kim Ae Kyeong (1950)
Kim Eung Soo
Kim Eung Soo (1961)
Lee Yoon Seok
Lee Yoon Seok (1972)
Kim Seong Kyeong
Kim Seong Kyeong (1972)
Seo Kyeong Seok
Seo Kyeong Seok (1972)
Lee Ru Ma
Lee Ru Ma (1978)
Oh Sang Jin
Oh Sang Jin (1980)
Kim Won Joon
Kim Won Joon (1973)
Eric Moon
Eric Moon (1979)
Jang Yoon Jeong
Jang Yoon Jeong (1980)
Oh Jong Hyeok
Oh Jong Hyeok (1983)
Lee Se Chang
Lee Se Chang (1970)
Shin Dong Yeop
Shin Dong Yeop (1971)
Ko Yeong Wook
Ko Yeong Wook (1976)
Lee Jin Yeong
Lee Jin Yeong (1984)
Baek Cheong Kang
Baek Cheong Kang (1989)
Kan Mi Youn
Kan Mi Youn (1982)
Victoria Song
Victoria Song (1987)
Lee In Hye
Lee In Hye (1981)
Kim Seong Won (Sleepy)
Kim Seong Won (Sleepy) (1984)
Lee Seok Hoon
Lee Seok Hoon (1984)
Jeong Joon Yeong
Jeong Joon Yeong (1989)
Kim Jong Seo
Kim Jong Seo (1965)
Jang Jin
Jang Jin (1971)
Ahn Seon Yeong
Ahn Seon Yeong (1976)
Park Jeong Ah
Park Jeong Ah (1981)
Kim Kyoo Jong
Kim Kyoo Jong (1987)
Yoon Min Soo
Yoon Min Soo (1980)
Jeong Chan Woo
Jeong Chan Woo (1968)
Lee Jeok
Lee Jeok (1974)
Choi Seong Hee (Bada)
Choi Seong Hee (Bada) (1980)
Hong Seok Cheon
Hong Seok Cheon (1971)
Yoon Do Hyeon
Yoon Do Hyeon (1972)
Chae Ri Na
Chae Ri Na (1978)
Jo Kyu Hyeon
Jo Kyu Hyeon (1988)
Meng Jia
Meng Jia (1989)
Wheesung (1982)
Kim Kook Jin
Kim Kook Jin (1965)
Shim Eun Jin
Shim Eun Jin (1981)
Lee Joon
Lee Joon (1988)
Baek Jin Hee
Baek Jin Hee (1990)
Hong Kyeong Min
Hong Kyeong Min (1976)
Ahn Seong Ki
Ahn Seong Ki (1952)
Kim Do Kyoon
Kim Do Kyoon (1960)
Woo Hyeon
Woo Hyeon (1964)
Lee Eun Jin
Lee Eun Jin (1981)
Seong Min
Seong Min (1986)
Kim Hee Won
Kim Hee Won (1971)
Brian Joo
Brian Joo (1981)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin) (1991)
Jeong Jae Hyeong
Jeong Jae Hyeong (1970)
Bobby Kim
Bobby Kim (1973)
Kim Keon Mo
Kim Keon Mo (1968)
Kang Seong Jin
Kang Seong Jin (1971)
Kim Yoon Seong (Gaeko)
Kim Yoon Seong (Gaeko) (1981)
Lee Seong Min
Lee Seong Min (1985)
Kim Min Jun (Jun. K)
Kim Min Jun (Jun. K) (1988)
Lee Moon Sae
Lee Moon Sae (1959)
Hwan Hee
Hwan Hee (1982)
Kang In
Kang In (1985)
Park Cheol Min
Park Cheol Min (1967)
Kang Ji Yeong
Kang Ji Yeong (1994)
Jeong Seong Hwa
Jeong Seong Hwa (1975)
Yoon Se Ah
Yoon Se Ah (1978)
Jeong Woong In
Jeong Woong In (1971)
Kim In Kwon
Kim In Kwon (1978)
Kang Ye Bin
Kang Ye Bin (1983)
Andy Lee
Andy Lee (1981)
Kim Ye Rim
Kim Ye Rim (1994)
Don Spike
Don Spike (1977)
Lee Joon Ho
Lee Joon Ho (1990)
Park Hae Mi
Park Hae Mi (1964)
Shim Hyeong Rae
Shim Hyeong Rae (1958)
Yoon Hyeong Bin
Yoon Hyeong Bin (1980)
Goo Ha Ra
Goo Ha Ra (1991)
Yoo Hyeon Sang
Yoo Hyeon Sang (1954)
Oh Yeong Shil
Oh Yeong Shil (1965)
Kim Se Jin
Kim Se Jin (1974)
Shim Yi Yeong
Shim Yi Yeong (1980)
Song Eun Yi
Song Eun Yi (1973)
Yook Joong Wan
Yook Joong Wan (1980)
Jang Kwang
Jang Kwang (1952)
Heo Gak
Heo Gak (1985)
Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yo Seob (1990)
Defconn (1977)
Mithra Jin (Epik High)
Mithra Jin (Epik High) (1983)
Lee Teuk
Lee Teuk (1983)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior) (1983)
Kim Jeong Nan
Kim Jeong Nan (1971)
Jang Hyeon Seong
Jang Hyeon Seong (1970)
Hong Seong Mi (Dana)
Hong Seong Mi (Dana) (1986)
Lee Tae Min
Lee Tae Min (1993)
Kwon Hyeon Sang
Kwon Hyeon Sang (1981)
Jang Dong Min
Jang Dong Min (1979)
Kim Yeon Woo
Kim Yeon Woo (1971)
Lee Seon Woong (Tablo)
Lee Seon Woong (Tablo) (1980)
Seon Woo Jae Deok
Seon Woo Jae Deok (1962)
Tak Jae Hoon
Tak Jae Hoon (1968)
Han Seung Yeon
Han Seung Yeon (1988)
Jeon Ji Hye
Jeon Ji Hye (1984)
Lee Min Woo
Lee Min Woo (1979)
Park Joon Keum
Park Joon Keum (1962)
Lee Man Ki
Lee Man Ki (1963)
Choo Seong Hoon
Choo Seong Hoon (1975)
Kim Byeong Man
Kim Byeong Man (1975)
Kim Dong Wook
Kim Dong Wook (1983)
Byeon Jin Seob
Byeon Jin Seob (1966)
Lee Jae Hoon
Lee Jae Hoon (1974)
Lee Jong Hyeok
Lee Jong Hyeok (1974)
Sam Hammington
Sam Hammington (1977)
Park Soo Ah (Lizzy)
Park Soo Ah (Lizzy) (1992)
Im Tae Kyeong
Im Tae Kyeong (1973)
Yoon Doo Joon
Yoon Doo Joon (1989)
Ho Ran
Ho Ran (1979)
Jo Seong Hyeon (Eru)
Jo Seong Hyeon (Eru) (1983)
Ji Chang Wook
Ji Chang Wook (1987)
Lee Se Joon
Lee Se Joon (1972)
Kim Sook
Kim Sook (1975)
Kim Beom
Kim Beom (1989)
Im Seong Mi
Im Seong Mi (1969)
Yang Dong Keun
Yang Dong Keun (1979)
Yoo Sang Moo
Yoo Sang Moo (1980)
Ha Joo Yeon (Baby-J)
Ha Joo Yeon (Baby-J) (1986)
Kang Dong Cheol (Brave Brother)
Kang Dong Cheol (Brave Brother) (1979)
Jo Han Seon
Jo Han Seon (1981)
Ricky Kim
Ricky Kim (1981)
Kim Ryeo Wook
Kim Ryeo Wook (1987)
Lee Min Yeong (Min - Miss A)
Lee Min Yeong (Min - Miss A) (1991)
Oh Yeon Seo
Oh Yeon Seo (1987)
Jeong Yong Hwa
Jeong Yong Hwa (1989)
Seol Woon Do
Seol Woon Do (1958)
Kim Yeong Cheol
Kim Yeong Cheol (1974)
Lee Sang Min
Lee Sang Min (1973)
Kim Dae Hee
Kim Dae Hee (1974)
Nichkhun (1988)
Bi Rain
Bi Rain (1982)
Park Joon Kyoo
Park Joon Kyoo (1964)
Kim Bo Seong
Kim Bo Seong (1966)
Ahn So Hee
Ahn So Hee (1992)
Kim Jeong Hyeon
Kim Jeong Hyeon (1976)
Seo Hyeon
Seo Hyeon (1991)
Lee Tae Ri
Lee Tae Ri (1993)
Kang Soo Jeong
Kang Soo Jeong (1977)
Jo Jae Hyeon
Jo Jae Hyeon (1965)
Yoo Nam Kyoo
Yoo Nam Kyoo (1968)
Yoo Tae Woong
Yoo Tae Woong (1972)
Kim Hyeon Joong
Kim Hyeon Joong (1986)
Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon (1991)
Kim Kyeong Ho
Kim Kyeong Ho (1971)
Tony Ahn
Tony Ahn (1978)
Park Ji Yeon
Park Ji Yeon (1993)
Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies / Clover)
Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies / Clover) (1978)
Park Mi Seon
Park Mi Seon (1967)
Park Seung Hwa
Park Seung Hwa (1969)
Christina Confalonieri
Christina Confalonieri (1981)
Shin Ae
Shin Ae (1982)
Kim Myeong Soo (L - INFINITE)
Kim Myeong Soo (L - INFINITE) (1992)
Moon Hee Joon
Moon Hee Joon (1978)
Park Ji Bin
Park Ji Bin (1995)
Jeong Hyeong Don
Jeong Hyeong Don (1978)
Lee Eun Jin (Yangpa)
Lee Eun Jin (Yangpa) (1979)
Choi Jae Ho (Choiza)
Choi Jae Ho (Choiza) (1980)
Jeong Joon Ha
Jeong Joon Ha (1971)
Koo Ja Myeong
Koo Ja Myeong (1990)
Jeon Tae Soo
Jeon Tae Soo (1984)
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Hong Ki (1990)
Ock Joo Hyeon (Fin.K.L)
Ock Joo Hyeon (Fin.K.L) (1980)
Lee Jeong Hwan (Sandeul - B1A4)
Lee Jeong Hwan (Sandeul - B1A4) (1992)
Shin Seung Hoon
Shin Seung Hoon (1966)
Park Joong Hoon
Park Joong Hoon (1966)
Ahn Ji Ho (Navi)
Ahn Ji Ho (Navi) (1986)
Jeon Bo Ram (Boram - T-ara)
Jeon Bo Ram (Boram - T-ara) (1986)
Lena Park
Lena Park (1976)
Park Ji Yoon
Park Ji Yoon (1979)
Baek Ji Yeong
Baek Ji Yeong (1976)
Cha Tae Hyeon
Cha Tae Hyeon (1976)
Kim Jeong Mo
Kim Jeong Mo (1985)
Choi Min Soo
Choi Min Soo (1962)
Jeong Eun Pyo
Jeong Eun Pyo (1966)
George Han Kim
George Han Kim (1973)
Lee Ji Hoon
Lee Ji Hoon (1979)
Kim Hyeon Jeong
Kim Hyeon Jeong (1979)
Sulli (1994)
Lee Gi Kwang
Lee Gi Kwang (1990)
Lee Hyeon Woo
Lee Hyeon Woo (1966)
Jeong Joon
Jeong Joon (1979)
Choi Joon Yong
Choi Joon Yong (1966)
Kim Tae Yeon
Kim Tae Yeon (1989)
Kolleen Park
Kolleen Park (1967)
Lee Chang Min (Homme)
Lee Chang Min (Homme) (1986)
Im Hyeong Joon
Im Hyeong Joon (1974)
Shin Jeong Hwan
Shin Jeong Hwan (1975)
Lee Hyo Ri
Lee Hyo Ri (1979)
Lee Min Ho (Boom)
Lee Min Ho (Boom) (1982)
Lee Yoon Sang
Lee Yoon Sang (1968)
Im Seul Ong
Im Seul Ong (1987)
Kim Tae Woo
Kim Tae Woo (1981)
Maeng Seung Ji
Maeng Seung Ji (1986)
Bae Jong Ok
Bae Jong Ok (1964)
Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny)
Lee Soon Kyu (Sunny) (1989)
Lee Jong Hyeon
Lee Jong Hyeon (1990)
Kim Wan Seon
Kim Wan Seon (1969)
Lee Ji Eun (IU)
Lee Ji Eun (IU) (1993)
Im Jeong Hee (J-Lim)
Im Jeong Hee (J-Lim) (1981)
Bong Tae Kyoo
Bong Tae Kyoo (1981)
Park Sang Min
Park Sang Min (1964)
Jeong Joo Ri
Jeong Joo Ri (1985)
Jeong Jin Woon (2AM)
Jeong Jin Woon (2AM) (1991)
Kang Susie
Kang Susie (1967)
Park Eun Ji
Park Eun Ji (1983)
Kim Jin Ho
Kim Jin Ho (1986)
Park Kyoo Ri
Park Kyoo Ri (1988)
Kim Yeong Ho
Kim Yeong Ho (1967)
Kim Ji Hye
Kim Ji Hye (1979)
Yang Joon Hyeok
Yang Joon Hyeok (1969)
Sean Lee
Sean Lee (1979)
Lee Ha Neul
Lee Ha Neul (1974)
Park Seon Yeong (Hyo Min - T-ara)
Park Seon Yeong (Hyo Min - T-ara) (1989)
Im Yoon Ah
Im Yoon Ah (1990)
Song Ji Eun (Secret)
Song Ji Eun (Secret) (1990)
Lee Hoon
Lee Hoon (1973)
Kim Soo Ro
Kim Soo Ro (1970)
Jang Woo Hyeok
Jang Woo Hyeok (1978)
Choi Jeong Yoon
Choi Jeong Yoon (1977)
Ahn Seok Hwan
Ahn Seok Hwan (1959)
Yoon Seong Ho
Yoon Seong Ho (1976)
Kim So Hyeon
Kim So Hyeon (1975)
Oh Jae Moo
Oh Jae Moo (1998)
Lee Moon Shik
Lee Moon Shik (1967)
Jin Bo Ra
Jin Bo Ra (1987)
Kim Dae Won (Hot Potato)
Kim Dae Won (Hot Potato) (1971)
Park Hyeong Shik
Park Hyeong Shik (1991)
Choi Jin Yeong
Choi Jin Yeong (1970)
Maya (1979)
Kim Dong Hyeon
Kim Dong Hyeon (1981)
Shin Ji
Shin Ji (1981)
DJ Tukutz (Epik High)
DJ Tukutz (Epik High) (1981)
Jo Seong Jin (Skull - Stony Skunk / Skull & Haha)
Jo Seong Jin (Skull - Stony Skunk / Skull & Haha) (1979)
Jeong Jae Yeong
Jeong Jae Yeong (1970)
Kim Dong Wan
Kim Dong Wan (1979)
Park Mi Kyeong
Park Mi Kyeong (1965)
Kim Kyeong Shik
Kim Kyeong Shik (1970)
Shin Hye Seong
Shin Hye Seong (1979)
Yoo Joon Sang
Yoo Joon Sang (1969)
Kim Eun Jeong
Kim Eun Jeong (1986)
Lee Dong Min (George)
Lee Dong Min (George) (1993)
Heo Yeong Saeng
Heo Yeong Saeng (1986)
Im Chang Jeong
Im Chang Jeong (1973)
Jo Min Ki
Jo Min Ki (1965)
Ahn Yeong Mi
Ahn Yeong Mi (1983)
Joo Yeong Hoon
Joo Yeong Hoon (1969)
Jeong Byeong Hee (G.O - MBLAQ)
Jeong Byeong Hee (G.O - MBLAQ) (1987)
Park Wan Kyoo
Park Wan Kyoo (1973)
Jeon Hyeon Moo
Jeon Hyeon Moo (1977)
Ivy Park
Ivy Park (1982)
Lee Yoo Jin
Lee Yoo Jin (1977)
Kim Seong Joo
Kim Seong Joo (1972)
Kim Seul Gi
Kim Seul Gi (1991)
Suzy (1994)
Im Won Hee
Im Won Hee (1970)
Han Yeo Woon
Han Yeo Woon (1984)
Kim Yoo Mi
Kim Yoo Mi (1979)
Ko Chang Seok
Ko Chang Seok (1970)
Fujita Sayuri
Fujita Sayuri (1979)
Jo Hyeong Ki
Jo Hyeong Ki (1958)
Yoon Jong Shin
Yoon Jong Shin (1969)
Muzie (1981)
Lee Dong Hae
Lee Dong Hae (1986)
Kim Ye Eun
Kim Ye Eun (1996)
Park Hyeon Bin
Park Hyeon Bin (1982)
Yoo Soo Yeong (Shoo - S.E.S.)
Yoo Soo Yeong (Shoo - S.E.S.) (1981)
Seo In Gook
Seo In Gook (1987)
Lee Jeong
Lee Jeong (1981)
Krystal Jeong
Krystal Jeong (1994)
Yoon Yeong Mi
Yoon Yeong Mi (1962)
Cho Hyeon Joon (Jo Bin)
Cho Hyeon Joon (Jo Bin) (1977)
Park Soo Hong
Park Soo Hong (1970)
Hong Kyeong In
Hong Kyeong In (1976)
Kim Soo Yong
Kim Soo Yong (1966)
Kim Seo Hyeong
Kim Seo Hyeong (1973)
Choi Hyeon Woo
Choi Hyeon Woo (1978)
Lee Ji Hoon
Lee Ji Hoon (1988)
Kim Seong Soo (Cool)
Kim Seong Soo (Cool) (1968)
Kim Goo Ra
Kim Goo Ra (1970)
Ahn Jae Wook
Ahn Jae Wook (1971)
Choi Hong Man
Choi Hong Man (1980)
Son Jin Yeong
Son Jin Yeong (1985)
Shorry J
Shorry J (1982)
Kim Yoo Bin
Kim Yoo Bin (1988)
Lee Tae Im
Lee Tae Im (1986)
Park So Yeon (T-ara)
Park So Yeon (T-ara) (1987)
Shin Bong Seon
Shin Bong Seon (1980)
Min Kyeong Hoon
Min Kyeong Hoon (1984)
Han Seon Hwa
Han Seon Hwa (1990)
Jeong Nicole
Jeong Nicole (1991)
Woo Hye Rim (Wonder Girls)
Woo Hye Rim (Wonder Girls) (1992)
Jang Ho Il
Jang Ho Il (1965)
Yoo Oh Seong
Yoo Oh Seong (1966)
Koo Jun Yeop
Koo Jun Yeop (1969)
Yoo Se Yoon
Yoo Se Yoon (1980)
Kim Yong Joon (SG Wannabe)
Kim Yong Joon (SG Wannabe) (1984)
Choi Ji Na (G.NA)
Choi Ji Na (G.NA) (1987)
John Park
John Park (1988)
Shin Dong Wook
Shin Dong Wook (1982)
Im Jin Ah (Nana)
Im Jin Ah (Nana) (1991)
Hye Eun Yi
Hye Eun Yi (1954)
Kim Seong Oh
Kim Seong Oh (1978)
Kim Tae Kyoon
Kim Tae Kyoon (1972)
Amber Josephine Liu (f(x))
Amber Josephine Liu (f(x)) (1992)
Kyeon Mi Ri
Kyeon Mi Ri (1964)
Alex Chu
Alex Chu (1979)
Son Ga In (Gain - Brown Eyed Girls)
Son Ga In (Gain - Brown Eyed Girls) (1987)
Yoo Chae Yeong
Yoo Chae Yeong (1977)
Kim Hyo Yeon
Kim Hyo Yeon (1989)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee) (1991)
Kim Jong Min
Kim Jong Min (1979)
Son Dam Bi
Son Dam Bi (1983)
Kim Hyeong Seok
Kim Hyeong Seok (1966)
Jo Jeong Chi
Jo Jeong Chi (1978)
Jeon Hye Bin
Jeon Hye Bin (1983)
Bae Seul Gi
Bae Seul Gi (1986)
Jeong Ho Keun
Jeong Ho Keun (1964)
Kim Kyeong Ran
Kim Kyeong Ran (1977)
Shin Dong Hee
Shin Dong Hee (1985)
Seo In Yeong (Elly)
Seo In Yeong (Elly) (1984)
Jang Hyeon Seung
Jang Hyeon Seung (1989)
Sol Bi
Sol Bi (1984)
Shin Dong Hyeon (MC Mong)
Shin Dong Hyeon (MC Mong) (1979)
Ryu Soo Yeong
Ryu Soo Yeong (1979)

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