Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol (2011)


The main segment of the show, called "Idol of the Week", features idol groups as the invited guests, and usually consists of several featured corners.

Status: Ongoing
Yoo Ji Min (Karina - Aespa)
Yoo Ji Min (Karina - Aespa) (2000)
Kim Nam Joo
Kim Nam Joo (1995)
Kim Him Chan (B.A.P)
Kim Him Chan (B.A.P) (1990)
Jo Kwang Min (BOYFRIEND)
Jo Kwang Min (BOYFRIEND) (1995)
Jo Yeong Min (BOYFRIEND)
Jo Yeong Min (BOYFRIEND) (1995)
Park Jae Beom
Park Jae Beom (1987)
Allen Ma (Cravity)
Allen Ma (Cravity) (1999)
Wang Fei Fei
Wang Fei Fei (1987)
Kim Seong Kyu (INFINITE)
Kim Seong Kyu (INFINITE) (1989)
Pyo Hye Mi (Nine Muses)
Pyo Hye Mi (Nine Muses) (1991)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk)
Lee Hyeok Jae (Eunhyuk) (1986)
Kim Jong Hyeon
Kim Jong Hyeon (1990)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee)
Kim Yoo Jin (Uee) (1988)
Ahn Seong Min (Cravity)
Ahn Seong Min (Cravity) (2003)
Bae Ho Yeong (VERIVERY)
Bae Ho Yeong (VERIVERY) (1998)
Yoon Bo Mi (Apink)
Yoon Bo Mi (Apink) (1993)
Gong Chan Sïk (Gongchan - B1A4)
Gong Chan Sïk (Gongchan - B1A4) (1993)
Yeo Hoon Min (Hoon - U-KISS)
Yeo Hoon Min (Hoon - U-KISS) (1991)
Niel Ahn (Teen Top)
Niel Ahn (Teen Top) (1994)
Jeong Eun Ji
Jeong Eun Ji (1993)
Park Hyeong Seok
Park Hyeong Seok (1994)
Ha Dong Hoon
Ha Dong Hoon (1979)
Song Seung Hyeon
Song Seung Hyeon (1992)
Hwang Kwang Hee
Hwang Kwang Hee (1988)
Lee Seong Yeol (INFINITE)
Lee Seong Yeol (INFINITE) (1991)
Jo Kwon
Jo Kwon (1989)
Kwon So Hyeon
Kwon So Hyeon (1994)
Lee Dong Heon (VERIVERY)
Lee Dong Heon (VERIVERY) (1995)
Jo Se Ho
Jo Se Ho (1982)
Im Shi Wan
Im Shi Wan (1988)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew)
Lee Jin Ki (Onew) (1989)
Lee Jae Jin
Lee Jae Jin (1991)
Yong Joon Hyeong (HIGHLIGHT)
Yong Joon Hyeong (HIGHLIGHT) (1989)
Kim Shin Yeong
Kim Shin Yeong (1983)
Yoon Bora
Yoon Bora (1989)
Jeong Hee Cheol
Jeong Hee Cheol (1989)
Choi Min Ho (Minho)
Choi Min Ho (Minho) (1991)
Son Na Eun (Apink)
Son Na Eun (Apink) (1994)
Kim Dong Joon
Kim Dong Joon (1992)
Kim Dong Hyeon
Kim Dong Hyeon (1989)
Kang Ji Hyeon (Soyou - Sistar)
Kang Ji Hyeon (Soyou - Sistar) (1992)
Jeong Ha Na (Hana / Zinger)
Jeong Ha Na (Hana / Zinger) (1990)
Kim Ji Yeop
Kim Ji Yeop (1988)
Lee Chang Seob (BTOB)
Lee Chang Seob (BTOB) (1991)
Yoo Chang Hyeon (Ricky - Teen Top)
Yoo Chang Hyeon (Ricky - Teen Top) (1995)
Jo Kyu Hyeon
Jo Kyu Hyeon (1988)
Meng Jia
Meng Jia (1989)
Lee Choong Hyeon (Hwi - Ciipher)
Lee Choong Hyeon (Hwi - Ciipher) (1999)
Koo Jeong Mo (CRAVITY)
Koo Jeong Mo (CRAVITY) (2000)
Moon Jong Up (B.A.P)
Moon Jong Up (B.A.P) (1995)
Yoo Yong Min
Yoo Yong Min (1998)
Lee Joon
Lee Joon (1988)
Nam Woo Hyeon
Nam Woo Hyeon (1991)
Moon Joon Yeong
Moon Joon Yeong (1989)
Kim Min Jeong (Winter - Aespa)
Kim Min Jeong (Winter - Aespa) (2001)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin)
Kim Hyo Jeong (Hyorin) (1991)
Lee Gi Seob (U-KISS)
Lee Gi Seob (U-KISS) (1991)
Moon Hyeon Ah (Nine Muses)
Moon Hyeon Ah (Nine Muses) (1987)
Lee Jeong Min (BOYFRIEND)
Lee Jeong Min (BOYFRIEND) (1994)
Andy Lee
Andy Lee (1981)
Yoo Yeong Jae (B.A.P)
Yoo Yeong Jae (B.A.P) (1994)
Yoo Kang Min (VERIVERY)
Yoo Kang Min (VERIVERY) (2003)
Kim Tae Yeong (Cravity)
Kim Tae Yeong (Cravity) (2003)
Yang Yo Seob
Yang Yo Seob (1990)
Defconn (1977)
Son Ji Hyeon
Son Ji Hyeon (1990)
Lee Teuk
Lee Teuk (1983)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior)
Kim Hee Cheol (Super Junior) (1983)
Lee Tae Min
Lee Tae Min (1993)
Oh Ha Yeong (Apink)
Oh Ha Yeong (Apink) (1996)
Kang Dong Ho (Baekho - NU'EST)
Kang Dong Ho (Baekho - NU'EST) (1995)
Park Joon Won (pH-1)
Park Joon Won (pH-1) (1989)
Nam Chang Hee
Nam Chang Hee (1982)
Kim Dong Han (JBJ)
Kim Dong Han (JBJ) (1998)
Park Soo Ah (Lizzy)
Park Soo Ah (Lizzy) (1992)
Noh Min Woo
Noh Min Woo (1995)
Yoon Doo Joon
Yoon Doo Joon (1989)
Park Kyeong Ri (Nine Muses)
Park Kyeong Ri (Nine Muses) (1990)
Shin Dong Woo (CNU - B1A4)
Shin Dong Woo (CNU - B1A4) (1991)
Kim Yong Seung (VERIVERY)
Kim Yong Seung (VERIVERY) (2000)
Kim Tae Heon
Kim Tae Heon (1989)
Kim Ryeo Wook
Kim Ryeo Wook (1987)
Lee Min Yeong (Min - Miss A)
Lee Min Yeong (Min - Miss A) (1991)
Lee Sang Min
Lee Sang Min (1973)
Park Min Ha
Park Min Ha (1991)
Ahn So Hee
Ahn So Hee (1992)
Jeong Dae Hyeon (B.A.P)
Jeong Dae Hyeon (B.A.P) (1993)
Kim Jae Seop (Siyoon / AJ - U-KISS)
Kim Jae Seop (Siyoon / AJ - U-KISS) (1991)
Son Dong Woon
Son Dong Woon (1991)
Kim Hyeon Ah (4Minute)
Kim Hyeon Ah (4Minute) (1992)
Lee Joo Eun (DIA)
Lee Joo Eun (DIA) (1995)
Kim Jong Hyeon (JR - NU'EST)
Kim Jong Hyeon (JR - NU'EST) (1995)
Shim Hyeong Seong (BOYFRIEND)
Shim Hyeong Seong (BOYFRIEND) (1993)
Hyeri (1994)
Bang Cheol Yong (Mir - MBLAQ)
Bang Cheol Yong (Mir - MBLAQ) (1991)
Shin Dong Keun (Peniel - BTOB)
Shin Dong Keun (Peniel - BTOB) (1993)
Shin Soo Hyeon (U-KISS)
Shin Soo Hyeon (U-KISS) (1989)
Eli Kim
Eli Kim (1991)
Kim Myeong Soo (L - INFINITE)
Kim Myeong Soo (L - INFINITE) (1992)
Jeong Hyeong Don
Jeong Hyeong Don (1978)
Lee Joo Yeon
Lee Joo Yeon (1987)
Lee Hong Ki
Lee Hong Ki (1990)
Lee Jeong Hwan (Sandeul - B1A4)
Lee Jeong Hwan (Sandeul - B1A4) (1992)
Ham Won Jin (CRAVITY)
Ham Won Jin (CRAVITY) (2001)
Lee Ho Won (Hoya - INFINITE)
Lee Ho Won (Hoya - INFINITE) (1991)
Park Cho Rong
Park Cho Rong (1991)
Park Se Rim (Cravity)
Park Se Rim (Cravity) (1999)
Lee Gi Kwang
Lee Gi Kwang (1990)
Bang Yong Gook (Bang - B.A.P)
Bang Yong Gook (Bang - B.A.P) (1990)
Choi Jong Hoon
Choi Jong Hoon (1990)
Im Hyeon Shik (BtoB)
Im Hyeon Shik (BtoB) (1992)
Lee Chang Min (Homme)
Lee Chang Min (Homme) (1986)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID)
Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani - EXID) (1992)
Im Seul Ong
Im Seul Ong (1987)
Kim Se Hwan (Rhymer)
Kim Se Hwan (Rhymer) (1977)
Bang Min Ah (Mina - Girl's Day)
Bang Min Ah (Mina - Girl's Day) (1993)
Bbaek Ka
Bbaek Ka (1981)
Jo Kye Hyeon (VERIVERY)
Jo Kye Hyeon (VERIVERY) (1999)
Heo Ga Yoon
Heo Ga Yoon (1990)
Jeong Jin Woon (2AM)
Jeong Jin Woon (2AM) (1991)
Yook Seong Jae
Yook Seong Jae (1995)
Park So Jin (Girl's Day)
Park So Jin (Girl's Day) (1986)
Kwak Yeong Min (Aron)
Kwak Yeong Min (Aron) (1993)
Yeeun (1989)
Lee Yoo Ae Rin (Euaerin - Nine Muses)
Lee Yoo Ae Rin (Euaerin - Nine Muses) (1988)
Joo Yeon Ho (VERIVERY)
Joo Yeon Ho (VERIVERY) (2000)
Lee Sem (9MUSES)
Lee Sem (9MUSES) (1987)
Song Ji Eun (Secret)
Song Ji Eun (Secret) (1990)
Kim Da Som
Kim Da Som (1993)
Choi Min Hwan
Choi Min Hwan (1992)
Park Hyeong Shik
Park Hyeong Shik (1991)
Chang Jo (Teen Top)
Chang Jo (Teen Top) (1995)
Jeong Jin Yeong (Jinyoung - B1A4)
Jeong Jin Yeong (Jinyoung - B1A4) (1991)
Jang Dong Woo (Dong Woo - INFINITE)
Jang Dong Woo (Dong Woo - INFINITE) (1990)
Seo Eun Kwang (BTOB)
Seo Eun Kwang (BTOB) (1990)
Lee Byeong Hoon (L.Joe)
Lee Byeong Hoon (L.Joe) (1993)
Kevin Woo
Kevin Woo (1991)
Lee Min Hyeok
Lee Min Hyeok (1990)
Choi Min Ki (Ren - NU'EST)
Choi Min Ki (Ren - NU'EST) (1995)
Song Hyeong Joon
Song Hyeong Joon (2002)
Bang Min Soo (C.A.P - Teen Top)
Bang Min Soo (C.A.P - Teen Top) (1992)
Jeong Byeong Hee (G.O - MBLAQ)
Jeong Byeong Hee (G.O - MBLAQ) (1987)
Yura - Girl's Day
Yura - Girl's Day (1992)
Suzy (1994)
Jeon Hyo Seong
Jeon Hyo Seong (1989)
Lee Dong Hae
Lee Dong Hae (1986)
Jeon Ji Yoon (4Minute)
Jeon Ji Yoon (4Minute) (1990)
Noh Tae Hyeon
Noh Tae Hyeon (1993)
Choi Joon Hong (Zelo - B.A.P)
Choi Joon Hong (Zelo - B.A.P) (1996)
Yang Seung Ho
Yang Seung Ho (1987)
Seo Woo Bin (Cravity)
Seo Woo Bin (Cravity) (2000)
Minnie Nicha Yontararak (Minnie - (G)I-DLE)
Minnie Nicha Yontararak (Minnie - (G)I-DLE) (1997)
Vivian Ning (Ningning)
Vivian Ning (Ningning) (2002)
Ryoo Se Ra
Ryoo Se Ra (1987)
Uchinaga Aeri (Giselle - Aespa)
Uchinaga Aeri (Giselle - Aespa) (2000)
Kim Yoo Bin
Kim Yoo Bin (1988)
Jeong Il Hoon (BTOB)
Jeong Il Hoon (BTOB) (1994)
Lee Chan Hee (Chunji - Teen Top)
Lee Chan Hee (Chunji - Teen Top) (1993)
Han Seon Hwa
Han Seon Hwa (1990)
Park Sang Hyeon
Park Sang Hyeon (1990)
Woo Hye Rim (Wonder Girls)
Woo Hye Rim (Wonder Girls) (1992)
Yoo Se Yoon
Yoo Se Yoon (1980)
Choi Ji Na (G.NA)
Choi Ji Na (G.NA) (1987)
Oh Seung Ah
Oh Seung Ah (1988)
Im Jin Ah (Nana)
Im Jin Ah (Nana) (1991)
Park Mi Yeon (Serri - Dal Shabet)
Park Mi Yeon (Serri - Dal Shabet) (1990)
Hong Min Chan (VERIVERY)
Hong Min Chan (VERIVERY) (1998)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee)
Kim Ki Beom (KEY SHINee) (1991)
Park Eun Ji (9MUSES)
Park Eun Ji (9MUSES) (1988)
Kang Min Hee
Kang Min Hee (2002)
Shin Dong Hee
Shin Dong Hee (1985)
Jang Hyeon Seung
Jang Hyeon Seung (1989)
Lee Seong Jong (INFINITE)
Lee Seong Jong (INFINITE) (1993)
Lee So Jeong
Lee So Jeong (1993)
Cha Seon Woo (Baro - B1A4)
Cha Seon Woo (Baro - B1A4) (1992)
Ha Min Woo
Ha Min Woo (1990)
Shin Jong Kook (SPEED)
Shin Jong Kook (SPEED) (1993)

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