White Lies

White Lies (2008)


Seo Eun Young and Kang Jung Woo are happy, engaged-to-be-married couple. Suddenly, when Eun Young was pregnant, Jung Woo abandoned her to marry Na Kyung, a rich woman. The new couple then went to study abroad for 5 years. Meanwhile, Eun Young works as a nurse in a hospital. Kang Hyung Woo, who is one of her patients, becomes obsessed with her. Hyung Woo's mother, Madam Shin, a department store owner, then wants Eun Young to marry her son.

Status: Completed
Oh Myeong Hee
Oh Myeong Hee (1967)
Song Seo Yeon
Song Seo Yeon (1981)
Min Joon Hyeon
Min Joon Hyeon (1975)
Kim Yeong Ran
Kim Yeong Ran (1956)
Kim Kyeong Jin
Kim Kyeong Jin (1973)
Kim Hae Sook
Kim Hae Sook (1955)
Kang Ji Hoo
Kang Ji Hoo (1980)
Han Yeong Kwang
Han Yeong Kwang (1974)
Shin Eun Kyeong
Shin Eun Kyeong (1973)
Kim Tae Hyeon
Kim Tae Hyeon (1981)
Kim Tae Yeong
Kim Tae Yeong (1961)
Im Ji Eun
Im Ji Eun (1973)
Jeong Hee Tae
Jeong Hee Tae (1974)
Kang Seok Jeong
Kang Seok Jeong (1979)
Jeong Yoon Jo
Jeong Yoon Jo (1981)
Seo Dong Hyeon
Seo Dong Hyeon (2003)
Hyeon Sook Hee
Hyeon Sook Hee (1956)
Kim Hye Ok
Kim Hye Ok (1958)
Cha Yong Hak
Cha Yong Hak (1982)
Ha Ji Yeong
Ha Ji Yeong (1982)
Won Keun Hee
Won Keun Hee (1943)
Yoon Hye Kyeong
Yoon Hye Kyeong (1979)
Park Seong Kyoon
Park Seong Kyoon (1972)
Seol Ji Yoon
Seol Ji Yoon (1970)
Kim Yoo Seok
Kim Yoo Seok (1966)
Jeong Byeong Ho
Jeong Byeong Ho (1963)

Revenge of Others trailer:

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SUB White Lies (2008) Episode 151

SUB White Lies (2008) Episode 150

SUB White Lies (2008) Episode 149

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