The Double

The Double (2024)


Xue Li, the daughter of a well-off and content county magistrate, loses everything after a major upheaval. Saved by her benefactor, Jiang Ruo Yu, the daughter of the Minister of Rites, she returns to the capital city in Jiang Ruo Yu's identity. With the help of people like Xiao Heng, the Duke of Suguo, she overcomes numerous challenges, continually fights against injustice. (Source : Adapted from the web novel "Marriage of the Di Daughter" (嫡嫁千金) by Qian Shan Cha Ke (千山茶客).

Status: Completed
Gala Zhang
Gala Zhang (1997)
Snow Kong
Snow Kong (1996)
Joe Chen
Joe Chen (1979)
Wu Jin Yan
Wu Jin Yan (1990)
David Chou
David Chou (1995)
Ringo Yu
Ringo Yu (1958)
Kitty Zhang
Kitty Zhang (1986)
Wu Jia Yi
Wu Jia Yi (1995)
Su Ke
Su Ke (1972)
Zhang Zheng Yang
Zhang Zheng Yang (1972)
Lemon Zhang
Lemon Zhang (1988)
Vincent He
Vincent He (1992)
Jiang Yi Yi
Jiang Yi Yi (2001)
Oscar Jin
Oscar Jin (2013)
Ai Mi
Ai Mi (2008)
Ji Ling Chen
Ji Ling Chen (1993)
Roy Wang
Roy Wang (1990)
Zhao Jia Min
Zhao Jia Min (1998)
Wang Le Fu
Wang Le Fu (1994)
Yang Chao Yue (CCYY / YCY)
Yang Chao Yue (CCYY / YCY) (1998)
Pan You Cheng
Pan You Cheng (1994)
Chen Xin Hai
Chen Xin Hai (2001)
Li Xin Ze
Li Xin Ze (1990)
Qi Hang
Qi Hang (1984)
Liang Yong Qi
Liang Yong Qi (1995)
Wang Xing Yue
Wang Xing Yue (2002)
Zhao Jiu Yi
Zhao Jiu Yi (1985)
Liu Ya Peng
Liu Ya Peng (1986)
Leanne Liu
Leanne Liu (1959)
Ning Xiao Hua
Ning Xiao Hua (1970)
Wen Zheng Rong
Wen Zheng Rong (1978)
Michelle Dong
Michelle Dong (1979)
Vivien Li
Vivien Li (1992)
Liu Xie Ning (Sally - Gugudan)
Liu Xie Ning (Sally - Gugudan) (1996)
Zhang Bai Qiao
Zhang Bai Qiao (1996)
Yu Cheng En
Yu Cheng En (1998)
Kent Tong
Kent Tong (1958)
Karina Hai
Karina Hai (1992)

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